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We begin by creating a professional presentation package using the BRG Candidate Profile Questionnaire, along with your current CV/Résumé and a cover letter which we will write on your behalf.  This thorough presentation gets submitted directly to the hiring authority, so you won’t get lost in the infamous “HR Black Hole”.  


Upon client interest, we then help coordinate all interviews whether it be by phone, video or on-site. For each interview stage, we provide a thorough prep session making sure you have all the insight and information you need to feel comfortable with the position, company, hiring manager and the interview itself.  Once we get to an offer stage, we will assist in making sure you get the best possible compensation package for the position, help you with the resignation process and maintain open lines of communication to ensure an overall smooth career transition for all parties involved. 


If relocation is involved, BRG also works with industry leading relocation partners that can provide realtor assistance to help buy/sell a home, provide housing/area tours and additional moving service support.


When making a career change, BRG does everything we can for our candidates to take the stress out of what can sometimes be a stressful situation. 

Candidate Services

BRG Candidate Process

If you would like to stay informed of new opportunities, looking to make a change or perhaps planning for a future relocation, BRG would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below, and we will get right back to you to discuss next steps and potential options.

BRG Dentist Recruiter
Attach CV/Résumé

Attach and submit your CV or Résumé by clicking on the

"Submit CV/Résumé box" to the right and be assured that your information stays completely confidential. We never share your information with any client without your express consent. 

Dentist Job Opportunity

After we provide you with all the details on

a matching opportunity and you decide to

move forward, we become your guide

through a highly organized interview and

on-boarding process working on your behalf

to give you the best chance at winning the

position, at no cost to you.

BRG offers a “Concierge Style” service helping candidates throughout the entire hiring process. It starts with a good understanding of your career wants and needs in order to effectively match you to the right fit opportunity. 

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