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BRG Dental Recruitment


Client Testimonials

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having worked with David as both a prospective employer, as well as, a candidate as he helped me transition to a new career opportunity a few years back. I can say, without hesitation, that he has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. He doesn’t view the hiring process as being a sporting event (“winning at all costs”); instead, he knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” situation. Again, from both perspectives (client and candidate), his efforts have consistently paid off and I would highly recommend David to any anyone in need of his services.”

K. Tyree

Chief Operations Officer

"I have worked with Dave  Cunningham for a number of years.  Dave has been instrumental in assisting my organization with several key leadership positions over the years.  Dave is very thorough and takes the time to truly understand our needs as an organization.  Dave fully screens and presents candidates that clearly meet our needs and would fit into our organizational culture.  Dave is an excellent listener and has a clear and effective communication style. I am very grateful for the work that Dave has done and would 100% recommend his services"

P. Washington

Chief Executive Officer

BRG Client Testimonials

"My thanks to you for your extremely professional approach to recruiting.  Dave is very detailed and takes the time to truly understand our needs as an organization.  He presents only candidates that

clearly meet our expectations and cultural goals, minimizing candidate traffic and allowing ideal placement.  In addition, Dave’s communication style is clear, consistent and respectful.  He has been instrumental in assisting us with a number of key positions over the years. Please let this note reiterate my appreciation and serve as a reference to others."

J. Snow

Provider Recruiter

"Dave Cunningham is great to work with. I have worked with a lot of third party recruiting firms over the years, but Dave is always my first resort. He has exceeded our expectations on a number of tough search projects and I would recommend him to my HR colleagues any time an opportunity arises."

A. Flores

Human Resource Director

Candidate Testimonials

"Recently, I was retiring from a position as a Chief Dental Officer from a federal agency and was searching for full time employment in another state. I assumed finding a position and being selected would be no problem since I was obviously well qualified, with decades of experience. After a period of little success with my search, I was contacted by Dave Cunningham summarizing his recruiting services. I connected with him, with slim expectations at first. However, Dave is an excellent listener and quickly grasped my background and goals. He then identified realistic potential opportunities for me to review. Upon selecting a position to pursue, he developed my professional profile for submission with my application, and expedited arrangement of phone and on-site interviews. This led to my selection for a position that was in the salary range I was seeking. Both the clinical services offered in my new position as well as the personality, congeniality, professionalism of the providers and all dental staff have proved a very good fit, resulting in a very positive life change for me. I highly recommend David  Cunningham as a top dental recruiter."


Dentist/Dental Director

BRG Testimonial

"I have applied for many clinical positions over my career, most

successfully.  I have never worked with a recruiter before, but working with Dave Cunningham has been a unique experience. Dave not only helped me prepare for each of the several screening steps, he helped me be an extremely successful candidate.  The offer he negotiated for me and that I received from his client made it impossible to say “No” .

The contract I was offered was unique in my experience in its generous terms and provisions.  I feel that Dave’s help in preparation and negotiation was instrumental in opening opportunities for me that I have not previously been able to do unassisted.  Dave has also helped me with the other aspects of transition to this new position and continues to provide valuable advice and assistance.  I do recommend his assistance in matching employers and applicants."



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