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  • Success Rate

BRG averages a 90% fill rate using our Deposit Search Model. We work to find you the best 2-3 candidates in the market that have the right mix of "candidate fundamentals" to be a good long term fit.


  • Candidate Exclusivity

To reduce the risk of competitive issues and offer turn-downs, BRG provides you with 100% candidate exclusivity on all recruits sourced for your opening, until a hiring decision is made.


  • Reference and Licensure Checks

BRG conducts professional reference checks on all recruits and provides a written summary report for each candidate file. We verify state licensure and certifications on all dental providers up front.


  • Qualifying Family Members

BRG makes sure spouses and significant others are part of the recruitment process to reduce the risk of offer turn-downs, especially when relocation is involved.


  • Replacement Guarantee

BRG provides a 90-day post start replacement guarantee on all searches.

  • Performance Guarantee

With each deposit comes BRG's guarantee to

present a minimum number of quality candidates (that you also agree are "worthy" of an interview) within a mutually agreed upon time period, or the deposit is refunded.

  • Fully Committed Search with Shared Accountability

The majority of our search projects are conducted with a minimal up-front deposit to engage BRG services on a search. This creates the mutual commitment and accountability needed to ensure each search is completed regardless of the degree of difficulty; while the standard contingency firm would typically move on to another project.

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