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BRG Dentist Seach Firm

Search Process


1.     Client Needs Discovery Meeting ​​

An initial discussion with key client stakeholders enables BRG to gain a thorough understanding of the position requirements, hiring goals, work environment, company culture, timeline, interview process and "value proposition" for each search.

2.     Create the Search Marketing Materials 

BRG starts by creating professional "attraction-focused" marketing materials for each search, with an emphasis on highlighting reasons why a potential candidate would choose to bring their careers to your organization. 

3.     Build and Execute the Sourcing Plan 

Using a variety of recruiting resources and our extensive network, BRG builds an initial candidate pool and works to connect with each target until we find a candidate match.

onboardability to make sure they are in fact a good match for the client. Candidate credentials and licensure are also verified prior to being submitted and finally a professional Candidate Profile Summary is created by BRG, which replaces the traditional candidate cover letter. 

5.     Submit Candidates for Interviewing 

The top candidates that drop out of the "BRG recruiting funnel" are then submitted for client consideration. Each candidate package is formally presented via email with their current CV/Résumé, a Candidate Q&A Form (that the candidate completes themselves) and the Candidate Profile Summary written by BRG. 

6.     Help Throughout the Interview Process 

Upon acceptance of the submitted candidate(s), BRG helps with the coordination and scheduling throughout the various interview stages (phone, video conference, on-site, etc.). After each interview stage, BRG debriefs with the candidate and shares feedback along the way so that all parties stay fully informed. 

7.     Assist During the Offer Stage

At the offer stage, BRG assists both client and candidate in coming up with a mutually agreeable compensation package. We present the main offer components to the candidate and make sure that any remaining questions or concerns are addressed for all parties, so that I formal offer can be drafted for signature.

8.     Post-Search and On-boarding Support 

Upon candidate offer acceptance, BRG continues to work with the candidate to ensure a smooth transition and assist with the candidates resignation process (when applicable). We also regularly follow up with both parties after the candidate's start date to support a successful new hire on-boarding process.

Dental Recruitment Process

To help reduce a relocation scenario, we

always start the sourcing plan around the

client location, working our way outwards.

4.     Attract and Assess Candidates 

Once interested candidates are identified,

BRG qualifies and thoroughly assesses the

candidate's education, experience, motivation,

salary requirements, availability and

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